NoFloods Barriers Exhibit In Madrid

Today we participated in a small exhibition at Torrejón Air Base just outside Madrid.

It was by invitation of the Spanish Emergency Military Unit (UME) through our Spanish partner Lamor Corporation Spain. In attendance were all the main Spanish emergency departments.

We presented them with our NoFloods Barrier system which compared to sand bags, can reduce their use of resources to 0.5%.

This is the sixth year in a row that UME has organized an Escuelas Prácticas de Riesgos Tecnológicos event, with the participation of different agencies and companies that specialize in the fields of environment and risk management.

This year's focus was on environmental and biological industry operations. The previous year they focused on biological risk.

The goal of UME's annual event is:

  • Consolidation of action plans against biological industrial hazards
  • To ensure interoperability between the different stakeholders when natural disasters strike 
  • Decontamination of the different parties involved when combating biological disasters
  • Reduction of the impacts that biological hazards have on the environment (when they occur)

They deploy well-trained, highly qualified and well equipped personnel to handle natural disasters e.g. whenever large scale flooding occurs in Spain.

Below you can see how the exhibit of our NoFloods Barrier System went at the Torrejón Air Base.

Getting lined up for today's NoFloods Barriers product demonstration at Torrejón Air Base. On the far right is the large NoFloods TwinTube 125 PRO Barrier. The NoFloods SingleTube 125 BASIC Barrier is on top, making it a triple flood defense solution.
A Spanish Emergency Military Unit (UME) personnel on top of the tough steady NoFloods TwinTube 125 PRO Barrier. On the left is an emergency personnel seated on the same barrier.
Stevan Obradovic, one of our team members lifting the NoFloods 125 BASIC Barrier. It weighs 3.5 kg/meter when full of air (hence easy to lift) and 2,350 kg/meter when filled with water.
Our CEO, Anders Philipsen, explaining how the NoFloods ALU Barriers work
Anders Philipsen demonstrating a horizontal triple tube configuration, that is usually deployed for increased height protection.
This picture illustrates the vertical NoFloods Triple Barrier solution; having a TwinTube 125 PRO base and a 125 BASIC Barrier on top (depending on the situation, it can be replaced with a PRO or SEMI-PRO barrier)

​See more images below

La Sécurité Civile's Annual Flood Protection Train...
NoFloods Successful Demo Day In Zagreb, Croatia

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

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