NoFloods Successful Demo Day In Zagreb, Croatia

Today we had a successful demonstration of our main flood prevention products in Zagreb, Croatia. They included:

  1. ​​NoFloods TwinTube 60cm
  2. NoFloods 125cm PRO tubes
  3. Our new Flex Wall barrier
  4. NoFloods ALU Barrier.

The demonstration was organized by Klaleda d.o.o.,our local partner in Croatia, in conjunction with the organization of Croatian Waters and a local Croatian Fire brigade.

Our CEO, Anders Philipsen was also in attendance.

See the images below to get a glimpse of how the event went.

The new NoFloods Flex Wall barrier in the foreground demonstrating adaptability up against a solid obstacle (in this case the NoFloods TwinTube 125 PRO Barrier). In the background is the NoFloods TwinTube 60 PRO Barrier.
Anders Philipsen, Environment Solutions CEO (with hand stretched) with Dalibor Bozic from our local Croatian Partner Klaleda d.o.o., demonstrating how well our new NoFloods Flex Wall Barrier adapts up against a solid obstacle on the ground.
A nice overview of the NoFloods products on display (from left to right); the NoFloods TwinTube 125 PRO Barrier, the NoFloods Flex Wall Barrier and the NoFloods ALU Barrier incl. membrane
Towards the end of the demonstration, the water contained in the NoFloods 125 PRO Barriers was let out to demonstrate the self-raising deployment properties of the NoFloods Flex Wall Barrier.
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